Help!! Yzf426 Grinding

I need some help. I have a 2000 YZF426. I hear grinding.:lol:

I start my bike and let it warm up. You won't hear the grinding at first.

When the bike is all warmed up you can hear the grinding. It only grinds at an idol.

It sounds like its coming from the right (if you are sitting on it) side of the bike. I think the sound is near the kicker area.:confused:

If anyone can help me please let me know. THANKS

Sounds like it might be clutch related. The wrong oil will make your clutch "groan". Are the plates in good shape?

And let me goes away when you pull the clutch in, or when you increase the RPM, right?

It's normal gearbox rattle. It doesn't do it cold because the oil's thicker. It's caused by the fact that the engine does not run at a steady speed at idle, but accelerates each time it fires, then decelerates against each compression stroke. The transmission gets whipped back and forth while this goes on, and the gears rattle against themselves with the speed changes. Pulling the clutch disconnects the trans, and raising the engine speed makes it run at a more constant speed.

Not to worry is my guess. All YZF's and a good many stick shift cars do the same thing.

If it still does this with the clutch pulled may be a bearing issue in the motor...I have seen several like this with +hrs on them

When I pulled the clutch in, it still makes that sound.:lol: What could it be?

If it is a bearing how hard would that be to change out? Are there a bunch of different bearings in their?


See if it goes away when you put it in gear, in which case I stand by my first guess. If not, compare to another similar bike to see how normal it is or not.

It still grinds in gear....:confused: What do you think?:lol:

Take it to a good mechanic and get an opinion from someone who can hear it. If the noise is coming from the right side water pump/oil filter area, there;s a good chance that the crank nut has loosened and the balancer gear key (#9 in the illustration here) is loose and rattling. This is fairly simple to fix, but needs to be fixed right away.


It is a common problem on 2000's, the key. Usually a rattle.

Thanks for the help. Now I just need to find someone to tear it apart.


It is a common problem on 2000's, the key. Usually a rattle.

Mine makes that noise when I first take off sometimes but the new oil I'm using seems to have gotten rid of the noise.

Grayracer, :lol: what would we do without you old wise one.

hey grayracer...thanks for all your help!! :ride:

I took the bike apart today and found that main bolt thats on the end of the crank was real loose. I took it off with my hand it was so loose. Come to find the key (#9) was all tangled up. Just like you said..


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