Best xr650r graphics

I want new graphics for my 00 650r. I was thinking of putting stock 2007 graphics on. What year had the best looking graphics in your opinion? Post pics!!! Service honda only lists up to 04 or 05 but i can call them. Or where else can you buy oem graphics? thanks

BTW- 07 graphics should fit on a 00 right? I can't imagine they changed the plastics.

Personally, I like the FMF graphics over the stockers, but to each his own. :lol:

I've got the Factory Effex Evo 2. It's the older version, but it still looks good. I just got a new IMS tank so I'll be getting their newest sticker kit (Evo 4) pretty soon. I think the Evo 4 is the best I've seen so far. will make you custom sticker kits if you want. Send them a picture or design and they'll make you a one of a kind sticker kit.

Anyone got a pic of a 07 650r? Also how would 07 graphics flow on a 2000 with the all red seat?

i like the fmf 2 ...thats whats on my steed ...check it out in my garage.

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