Handguard Woes, Which Ones Are You Running??

Ok, this question is a tad embarrasing and i kinda feel like a dumbass, so please cut me some slack! :confused:

First time i laid the bike over with the stock handguards i bent the clutch lever big time. I replaced the lever and bought some acerbis rally pro hand guards to protect my hands AND the levers. They didnt fit all that well and i had to grind the "nub" off of the ends of both levers to get them to fit.

I got a good deal on a set of Moose guards and the same problem, levers didnt fit. :lol:

Now, i THOUGHT that the guards should be at the same level/angle as the levers to help protect them but they dont seem to fit in. Is my logic off?

What are you guys doing? Do you levers hang UNDER or OVER your handguards?


Move your lever perches inwards..

Now that you've taken off the nubs anything should work. I have my Acerbis bark busters slightly higher than my controls so that the ends of the levers are just below the aluminum bar. I also moved the controls slightly in board, mocked everything up loos and then made sure I had clearances. They fit without cutting anthing off. Only thing is they are at a slight angle so they don't block the wind on the freeway. I also mounted some LED lights to the bark busters for signals, very slick as long as I don't head on a tree they should make it.

Cycra with the triple clamp mount.

Move your lever perches inwards..

Tried that, but i got them as far inward as possible but they are still hitting if i put them level with the guards

Now that you've taken off the nubs anything should work.

Yes, i know. It is just something stupid that bugs me.

I would like to be able to have full levers and have them full protected by the handguards, but it looks like i have to look into other options.


Be sure to cut a little more than just the ball on the end of the levers off. My clutch lever pinches my left pinky glove slightly whenever I shift. The brake lever bent enough on a drop so that it operates perfectly within the handguard.

I have Moose handguards.

You should not have to cut your controls IF you give up having the controls in perfect alignment with the bark busters. And what is the point? To protect the controls and your hands while still keeping things looking tidy. My controls hang in the lower cup section of my Acerbis bark busters and they work great (although I like my controls down at a slight angle). I'll see if I can get a pic up tomorrow evening.

i had the same problem w/ acerbis. i used a bench vise, and did a little bending and re-shaping of the handguards, and moved the levers inward a little and everything works fine. had to do the same thing on my klx.

my guards are straight out and my levers are slightly down, I have the original set of levers and perches on my R. you angle the levers down so that when your standing your not reaching straight out with your hands

You should not have to cut your controls IF you give up having the controls in perfect alignment with the bark busters.

Not a chance, my are over an inch too long and the perches are moved inward as much as possible. Maybe it is the bend of my bars! :lol:

And what is the point? To protect the controls and your hands while still keeping things looking tidy.

Yes, to protect the controls in a crash

I'll see if I can get a pic up tomorrow evening.


First thing I did on my '07 XRR was can those silly handguards, or "handguards" I should say. Popped on a set of real aluminum guards. The clutch lever was too long so I bought a Moose "shortie" lever. Fit perfect. I didn't want to cut the ball off the OEM since it serves a safety and a cosmetic purpose.


I have the acerbis hand guards also... Just replace the levers with shorty levers. Fits good and looks good....

sorry about the crappy pics...Im sick:crazy: and tool them quick with my phone Image255.jpg these are the stock levers and I put the guards on it when I got it three years ago :lol:Image256.jpg and I have crashed this thing hard!

My levers are cut way back, and line directly with the handguards. I haven't had any problems shifting or pinchin my hands. You have to get really close to even see them, because the guards "guard" them.

I'm have acerbis on both my bikes and they're great. I had to cut the levers a little bit so they would fit though.

Me, too. I'm sold on the Acerbis Rally Pros with the removable wings. I shortened up the levers, too. I use the Moose XR bend aluminum bars. LED's mounted on the handguards look great and clean up the whole front end. The ball ends of the levers aren't needed when the lever is inside the handguard IMO.

i have the acerbis and cut the levers i only use two fingers anyway. bikes been laid down several times and no more problems with broken levers. i also wrap some teflon tape around the lever clamps so that if i wad up hard the perches with rotate and not break. kind of the cheap way to ASV rotator clamps

Having trouble with pics.

Thanks Guys!

Does Moose make the shortys for the "L"? Sounds like a good route to go!

:lol: OK thanks for the help....:confused:barkbusters001hj8.jpg

Bars are stock which may be a factor, controls are about an inch in from the grips and just down from the busters.

Front view w/LEDsbarkbusters004dz3.jpg


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