Troy meadows?

Mitch, Troy Meadow is in Kennedy Meadows. It's off of Interstate 395 just out side of Pearsonville CA. Nice place to ride. Lots of Rangers and Whoops But a really nice place to go with the family.. :)

That's the famous Kennedy Meadows, located north of the 395/14 junction on the west side of the 395. Look for a road on a map called Nine Mile Canyon.


Troy Meadows is just up the road from Kennedy Meadows. A lot of people use these locations (along with Fish Creek) synonymously as these camping areas are grouped closely together. The riding area is located in the eastern Sierra mountain range about 25 miles North of Kernville. You can get all the info you from CANNELL MEADOW RANGER DISTRICT (760) 376-3781, 105 Whitney Rd., Kernville, CA, Mailing Address: PO Box 6, Kernville, CA 93238, Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Mon.-Fri. Most trails will be closed for snow this time of year. Generally speaking, the best time to ride there is mid to late spring when the trails start to open up. Summer is also good for the So. Cal guys to get out of the 100+ degree deserts and do some riding in the trees, but the dust is much worse during the summer and fall. I would guess it’s a good 7 hour drive from Pleasant Hill and would probably pretty worth while trip for you on a long weekend.

Anyone know where Troy meadows is. I saw some pictures that Clark posted and it looked sweet. Anyone got the skinny?

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