race gas, leaded or UN-leaded?

i was wondering, since it says on cars and not too sure about bikes it says "UNLEADED FUEL ONLY"

would i be able to run leaded? is it better? and what are teh +'s and -'s for unleaded and leaded? thanks alot. i'd be running it in... all my bike's. not straight (too much money) but mixed with super 93 octane

thanks alot.

what one is better?




no one uses race gas?

I use VP ultimate 4 in my bike and have had great results with it, its more of a 4T gas though. lead I think is more for a 2T bike but i'm not to sure on that.

Lead does nothing for four strokes, only 2 strokes.

I'm not sure what type of bike you are talking about. If you are having detonation problems on pump gas a leaded race gas can help cure it. The correct race gas for you application will usually yield better throttle response as well, but you do need to jet your bike for whatever fuel you use for best results. Leaded gas is only legal for closed course competition.

i run sunoco cam2 purple 112 octane race gas- with lead

i have a pinger and thumpers and it really make a big improvement over 93 pump

i run 50/50 in the pinger and the lead helps 2 strokes by raising the temp

i run it straight in the thumpers and the lead is supposed to help lube the valves

either way it wont hurt a thing and any good race gas with contain lead...

no it not only allowed in competition either...and yes my local gas station has it at a pump...so no bs about either

Long story short, if your bike is not pinging/detonating, you don't need race gas and it will be a waste of money. Having said that, you can use leaded race fuel. The only vehicles that need unleaded are vehicles with EFI and catalytic convertors. Lead ruins O2 sensors and cats. It is also illegal to use leaded fuel on any vehicle that is made after 72 (maybe 74, somewhere in the 70's is when new vehicles had to be unleaded only) and that is why they put the sticker on dirtbikes. What's the chance of you getting busted for it in a dirtbike (outside of an AMA Pro race)? Zilch!

Lead does nothing for four strokes, only 2 strokes.


Why would you say that? Most Race Cars (NASCAR, Dragsters) run Leaded gas so that they have less VALVE failures. Last time I checked I didn't have any Valves in my 2stroke.

My CRF runs a lot crisper on VP 100 octane pump gas than Premium 92 octane does. I hear if you run the race gas in a Rice Racer car it goofs up the catalytic converter, I guess the small amount of lead plugs it up.

no one uses race gas?

I use the VP U2 fuel in my 2 stroke. It's leaded, oxygenated and 101 octane. I mix it 50/50 with 91 pump fuel. I use it because it makes the bike run alot crisper and more responsive. I did not notice any REAL gain in power. So, for me, it's a good thing as I don't need anymore power. The 200 EXC has plenty of guts.

My Yamaha manual says to NOT use leaded gas. BTW it is a 07YZ450.

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