Help Yzf426 Grinding

I need some help. I know this is the WR Forum but maybe you guys could help me.:lol: I have a 2000 YZF426. I hear grinding.

I start my bike and let it warm up. You won't hear the grinding at first.

When the bike is all warmed up you can hear the grinding. It only grinds at an idol. If I pull the clutch in it still grinds.

It sounds like its coming from the right (if you are sitting on it) side of the bike. I think the sound is near the kicker area.

If anyone can help me please let me know. THANKS

sounds like you might want to pull that right case cover and take a look inside...IIRC, it's not too much work to do so....

The 2000 YZ's (like I have too) use a key to hold the counterbalance gear on. The key stock can weaken over time and create that rattle you speak of. Search the YZ forum for 'CB key' and you'll get the answer you're looking for.

It's about an hours worth of work and $10 worth of parts. Unless you let it go too long.

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