2007 WR's are already wired for brake light!

I just went to put on an aftermarket tail/brakelight for my 2007 WR450 when I realized there was 3 wires coming from the taillight. I following the wiring and found the connection where the third wire ends. Right next the the CDI box is the connections for the brake light. I bought a brake light switch and insalled it and connected one side to the battery and the other to the third wire and it works great. It is very bright, and I can take bake the light I bouht for $50 because I don't need it.

I called scotts to see if they had a liscense plate holder yet and they said they were working on one.

Yep..... my 05 is ready for the light switch too.


03wr450 was the same way head light /and tail light 07 wr450 has wires allready set up for high beem and low beem you just have to hook it up to a switch

:applause: did you just use a brake light switch from an 06 or something i called the dealer and they said there wasnt one available yet but obviously they were wrong... also how would i hook up the hi/lo headlight switch. thanks for the great info!!!


I just bought a genaric hydraulic brake light switch. There are two thread pitches you can get and they should be able to look and what one you need. The one for the yamaha is teh 10x1.25 thread

The one I got was a K & S Stock NO. 12-0010.

It has a sticker on the back from the distributor that says WPS 56-4258

I believe the WPS is the sticker from the distributor.

Every Yamaha I have ever owned from 1984 had a 3rd wire.

yeah this is my first bike so i hadnt a clue, but thanks for all the info, i got my brake light mounted up tonight and its amazing. i love proving the parts guys wrong at the shops. thanks again!!!!

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