Liscense Plate holder for 07 WR's ????

Go for the Bajadesigns universal tailight!

I want to keep the stock taillight.

I have the Baja designs one on my XR650 and it works pretty good. It is kinda heavy and makes the fender flap a little. Plus, the stock WR Taillight always has 3 wires because it is ready to hook up a brake light. I already installed a brake light switch and hooked it up to the third wire and have a brake light and tail light now. I am hoping scott's will make one since they have always made them for previous model WR's.

I had a plate for my 05 and they wanted it back! Fortunately, I'm already plated from the state I moved back here from. Interestingly, I had removed the dual sport kit and if the dude would have checked the right emissions box I would have kept the plate. How do you convince someone to check the box when they are looking for the non-existent label?

I used tie-straps to secure my plate and it works great. No holes, no screws and cheap to do. 2 straps tight around rear fender in front of back light. Then 2 straps thru that on each side underneath fender to the plate. Once tightened, plate is very secure, centered and leans at an angle under the light. PERFECT. I will post pics tomorrow.

Here are the pics. Our plates are much larger that those in the US or Canada. I will use this method until a good aftermarket plate holder becomes available.:ride:



I give it 10mins before the plate cuts through the ties...

Can somebody post a picture from the inside off the stock plate holder when he is on the wr ?.

I have mine wr almost and i don't know where i place my plate ?? because the original plate holder is so big , isn't possible to cut the original plate holder ? thx

I just picked one up from a guy on ebay who sells road legal kits. His name on ebay is motardrider, and he has a sweet setup that mounts under the rear fender onto the mounting bolts for the rear light. Small, unobtrusive, and powdercoated and painted. Plates sticks out right under the rear lip of the rear fender.

I just got mine in the mail for $35 shipped. It is to fit my 00 WR400, but they fit most of the older WR models. I think he is having some new ones made up for the 07 models since the rear fender and setup changed a bit this year.

This guy is top notch, bought a few things from him.

Hope this helps you all!

I've got pictures to post of my $8 license plate holder but can't seem to figure out how to do it.

It won't let me paste pictures into the reply.

How do you do it???:ride::censored:

Have you figured out how to post the picture. I would like to see it,I have my plate and would like ideas on how to mount it.

Have you figured out how to post the picture. I would like to see it,I have my plate and would like ideas on how to mount it.

Send me a PM and I'll send you the pics. It was cheap and easy and should be durable. Just ordered a minimalistic DS kit that should work great with it.

Hello , finally i got my wr ... tomorrow is gonna be a testing day ...:censored: , i post some photo's of my licence plate . I made it from an original ufo plate holder ( and the stock taillight . I also did a modification of the metal construction of the rear plastic .

Grtz and let's ride !!! photo0254ql3.jpg


Heres some pics of my plate holder fitted:ride:




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