XR650L with dirt bagz?

Does anyone here have a set on there L? If so do you like them? How well are they made? and do they rub the plastic? Any info here would be great :confused: Gettin ready for the weather to change and do some overnighters with the L :lol:

I have a set of brackets off of ebay, but I cant find any bags either. There is a set of the brackets going for bid right now.

I don't know the compatibility, but I have a complete DirtBagz set up for an R that I would be willing to part with........

The L I bought came with the brakets so I ordered the bagz to go with them. They fit very well and secure. I have not had a chance to test them yet but they seem very nice. Not sure about the above mentioned brackets on ebay. the dirt bagz brackets are set up with a hook and loop system to secure the bags and the ones on ebay do not look like they would work with dirt bagz.

They are great but they do rub the hell out of the plastic. But side panels are cheap. I have had two sets and they are the best luggage I have found so far very very well made.

thanks guys.....Ive see the brackets on ebay and they look nice but I have to contact dirt bags to see how much the bags themselves are gonna run me. It might be cheaper to just get the whole setup from them...

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