What would be better for the sand dunes?

Just as the title says.. A CR/KX/RM/YZ/KTM 250 two stroke (motox bike) or my pig XR600R? Im just curious...

What is better or what is faster? Better to play the 250 faster by far is the XR650R in the sand. I can turn a CR250R inside the XR650R it seems like 10 to 1. But, up comp hill or any flat out race for speed the XR650R. The 250's jump much better also. When we do bomb runs across the dunes we leave everything in our group on the XR650R's and CR500's

I have a BRP and a CR500. Get a CR500 for the dunes. You can get a sweet bike for under 2g's and they're bulletproof and haul. Best deal for bikes out there for what you get...

I've got a handful of dune days on my XR650R. It's ok--great in some places--but I bought a 95' CR250R just for the dunes. The CR is just an overall better dune bike. The XR has it's strengths, but spending all day in deep sand is "better" on a 230lbs bike vs. a 300lbs bike. I mean come on--I'm not racing across the Sahara, I'm just spending a weekend tearing it up in the sand. A CR is better for that.

I've never ridden an XR600R. I did own an XR400R. My guess is a 250 smoker would make far more people happy in the dunes than an XR600R.

$1100 (plus another $200 I put into it) and it's a terrific dune bike. Certainly not the fastest two-wheeler up the hill but I can still compete with most things. And it snakes way better than my XR ever did.


This is a very easy question..............CR500 any day.

I have ridding many bikes out in the dunes including my XR600R.

I really don't like going out there too much these days, but my ride of choice would be the CR500. Perfect combo of weight and power!

The XR is just too heavy for a full time dune bike.

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