additional holes in the airbox

Just installed a new Edelbrock on my L, would there be any advantage to additional holes in the airbox? I already removed the snorkle, run a uni filter and a FMF Q2 slip on exhaust. I guess what I am really asking is, with the snorkle gone is that enough air? Back in my moto X days we drilled several holes in the airbox with pretty good results after re-jetting. Other than water fording, what are some disadvantages to opening up the airbox. Any replies would be great.:lol:

Welcome to Thumpertalk, flyin vee, Check out my garage and the uni vents on my side cover, I'm not sure about the 'L' but it should give you a idea.

But yes the extra air will help.:lol:


More air will help, it will be louder- its amazing how much noise comes out the airbox...


Easiest way to test is to ride out to a spot, with no one else riding in the area and pull of the side of the airbox. Make sure your air filter still seals against the carburater side of the airbox. then ride and see if you feel a difference. I needed holes in mine even with a stock filter, which means chaning to a high flow filter wouldn,t do me any good till I drilled the box. Make sure you are hard on the throttle, that is when you will notice it most.

I appreciate the replies, thank you. I think that I a going to go ahead and put some holes in the side cover. With the uni filter and the edelbrock carb I now believe it is the way to go to get more power..... Keep em upright. Kris

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