06 450 helppppppppppp.

ok I was running stock front and rear was 48 Tag, Well I went to 50 t tag rear and My damn chain is to short I am running a o ring rain but for the life of me cant rember which one. So what are my options and should I just get a new chain ? I f I get a new chain what size should i Order? This sucks cause i just spent a 100 bucks on this chain. I just got my suspension back from enzo and want to ride and now this:bonk:

I know occasionally, people will use two or three master links, to add length. I've hear running two is o.k., but I'm not sure about running three.

Try a 49 T stock gearing or buy a new chain. Last thing you want is the chain to break becoming a lethal weapon.

I've been running two masters on a Regina ORN6 for two years. However, as external widths of chains tend to vary, I don't recommend doing this unless you can get exactly the same brand and model of master link to match the chain you're running. So, in your case, unless your memory gets jogged, either get a new chain, or use your old gearing.

Uhhh, you are supposed to change both sprockets and chain all at the same time. Shame on you! :lol:

But anyway, you can run another master link as long as you have another inner link. If you don't, you need a new chain.

ok what size chain do I need? 13-50 for sprockets Thanks guys

Buy a 118 or 120 and cut it to fit.

...you are supposed to change both sprockets and chain all at the same time.
Not necessarily. If the original chain was allowed to run over 1.5-2% over the specified length, the sprockets probably are worn to the point where they need to be gone, too, and that's what usually happens. But I've worn out a number of rear sprockets with a chain that was still under 1% stretched. It just depends on the situation.

Ill just buy a new chain, Thanks

I always buy a 120 link chain and cut it to fit so I can make it as short as possible.

You can do the same thing without the blocks, if the chain is of a length that will fit both sets of gearing. The advantage to the blocks is that you don't have to move the adjuster screw so far when changing over.

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