XR6 rear brake

Looking for another XR6 to build into a dualsport to replace my last one that was stolen. Been offered a very good deal on a 1990 in great shape, but if I am not mistaken Honda still ran a rear drum on that model year. Has anyone retrofitted a rear disc setup onto one of these earlier models? Is it even worth doing or should I just hold out for a newer one? My last one was a 94 so I had a rear disc and still have some spare parts lying around.

Yes, 91 was the year that the XR600 got the rear disc. It also got cartridge forks. The only change after that was a larger front axle in 92. Otherwise they are unchanged through 2000. I think that the forks are a bigger deal than the drum brake. I'd keep searching for a 91 or later.

You can retrofit a rear disc. It takes the later swingarm so you have the mounts. The frame will also need the master cylinder mount added.

I am not positive but i think 91 were non cartridge, then switched in 92 and everything stayed the same til '00 except for color

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