Has anybody weighed the 2007 WR450

Has anybody weighed the bike yet?

dealer puts it at 246 dry I think but it would be nice to get a real wet weight.

The workshop manual is 112.5kg (248lb) dry weight without oil or fuel. Dont know where your dealer got his specifications ?




Come on we all know those are not real world numbers. I would guess they weigh between 260 and 265.

I agree they are never accurate.

my 04 wr450 weighed 263 or 4? (alzheimers)measured on a double beam doctors scale (i zeroed it with a 5 gal bucket then put the bike up on the bucket) new/stock wet without gas. i would hope they lightened em'up some:ride: the 04 had a dry wt of 247,so its probly 15 lbs more than claimed.

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