Clarke 4.0 -VS- Clarke 4.7

Trying to choose. Probably going 4.7 but want to see the difference.

Does anyone have comparison pictures of both tanks side by side?

Even the Clarke web site doesnt have decent pics.

Clarke website pictures suck. I bought the 4.7 but changed to the Acerbis 6.0

Better mounting, dual petcocks and a 230 mile range (I hate getting feul!) Keeping in mind I ride this for work and put 150 miles a week on it. Between the two Clarke tanks I'd consider the type of riding/weight of the full tank over looks.

There is also a thread either here or on SMJ that talks about adding a brake to the Clarke tank.

I commute also and dual sport around as much as possible. Mostly meeting up with friends, dirt riding for a while then riding street on the way home, or just joyriding around to clear the cobwebs and de-stress. No big traveling (yet). This small little stock tank has me topping off before every ride, always watching the mileage. It's getting old.

All in all I really like my 6 gal tank, it's actually better on the freeway because it's a bit heavier. Also it scoops more air than the Clarke tank for summer cooling. It did take about 1 or 2 MPG off because it's so big. The way the tank mounts is down to the old shroud bolts so it's very stable although it is possible to beef up the Clarke tank. If you don't mind the weight I'd go for the bigger tank Clarke or Acerbis. BTW if your getting white (Clarke) it will not match your plastic. Red seemed OK but hard to tell.


thats a 5.0 clarke hope this somewhat helps


I have the 4.0 & have a buddy that has the 4.7. The 4.0 is much narrower than the 4.7. the width differince is noticeable just setting on the bike.

i have 4.0 as well and love it, i always have more fuel than the rest, in the woods we ride i wouldn't want anything larger, i could see how it could be appealing for a comuter or baja rider

Handguard mounts tend to hit the top of my 4.7 gal. tank. Maybe the 4.0 will allow good clearance?

heres a pic with the 4gal clarke

new bike pics 001.jpg

new bike pics 004.jpg

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