Wr 426 To Wr 450

I sold my 01 426 and bought an 05 wr450. The 426 had the yz timing and a pipe and had the punch of a ???? 250 2 smoker on steroids! The 05 is stock and smooth but ,,,,,,,, slow and well slow. I would like to get the 05 to hit like the 426 but not sure what all I need to do and dont want to loose the bottom end. advice? and what happened to the spell check?

Do all the free mods throttle screw, gray wire, exhaust baffle, rejet, remove the air box snorkel and you will out run the 426 I just went through the same thing and you will not recognize the bike. look hear for instructions www.thumperfaq.com the site is for the 250 but you do the same for the 450.

forgot to mention you might want to tie a couple of bricks on the front fender. This is to keep the front wheel on the ground. Ha ha ha

ALL free mods done. Top end on interstate is less than 80.It will pull the front up but not like the 426.

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