yzf400 what to get

hey im thinking about getting a yz400f for around aus $ 3800-3900 i can maybe talk them down abit cheaper. ive searched the forum what are these bike like, i mainly want it for enduro type racing and all i know is that they may be a bit heavy but i dont really care about the weight???

ive found a parts bike with all the parts on it just the motor buggered is there any parts i should in particiliar get from the parts bike if any at all??? im sure its got all the stuff on it i was thinking about maybe getting the plastics but if theres anything else than i will go for it.

thanks will

heres a link to the actual bike


and heres a link to the parts bike


any help would be appreciated by people who own the bike

Good Day Mate,

Too bad you don't live in the states, a bike like that you can get here for less than $1800.00. Is it posible to ship one from the states to you cheaper or does the exchange rate nill out the difference? How much are they asking for the parts bike?

tom nolan my dad said that if i wait a few months i can get a newer bike maybe 06 450 now just have to decide which one. ive wondered about that if it would be worth the hasstle to ship it over. i suppose i would have to research the exchange rate and shipping etc. could you please tell me the price of a new yzf or crf 450 so i can compare to our prices.

i also think the price is abit much for the 400 as a few aussie sale sites says $2500-3100 aussie $ and they are selling them for $4000-4400

i dont know how much they are askign for the parts bike i suppose not too much.

thanks for the reply


The 400 is pretty much a bullet proof bike.

If it has a lot of miles on it replace the timing chain and maybe new top end and adjust the valves. Valves on those bikes last a loooong time.

I would go thru it and replace all the fluids, brake, oil, coolant, and suspension. Then you know where you are at.

If you can get it for a good price and its in good shape go for it. They are really solid bikes. They just dont like being rode slow. They tent to overheat in the really nasty technical stuff.


You can browse this site and get an idea what the prices are like over here in the states. How many shops do you have near your location because if there is more than one, there might be a little competition for your $$$ Good luck whichever way you decide to go. Also, I have noticed that there are several of your Aussie brothers that visit this site quite often. You might want to get their advise.

thanks tom great help.... there are 2 shops near me and im gonna try and get the best deal from each its hard to know what they will give you becaz i dont know anyone that has bought a new bike.... my friend says his friend got a free pair of $400 botts with a new bike after lots of purchase........ yeh i might try and get some of their advice

hey wswain were u live.. U in cntral queenslad if u are then i no a bloke thats trying to sell a 03 yz 450 for aroung 4 grand

cheers nick

ps were do u live??

stud sorry but i live in Tamworth nsw... is it a good bike??? i think im gonna get an 06 or 07 model..... do you know what they are going for up there new??? thanks for the help


yer i don't reckon you would have any problems anyway all the 4st yamahas are pretyy reliable.... up here the new 07 white limited edition is around 11grand and my neighbours got an 06 for just under 9 (still new) thats just from my local shop u could probably get a better price if you shopped around though

.....hey isn't tamworth were that country music festival thing is lol =)

stud yeh it is where the festival is that just hapenned.. yeh i wanna shop around but i wanna get an 06 model so i can get it from cheaper but i think by march there wont be any left in stores....

hey mate hows things

i see your after a yz 400f i would recomend

one any day their freakin unbreakable and the

power is unbeleivable i live in the hawkesbury nsw...

mines actually for sale if your interested..

its on ebay check it out my names vaughan

give us a ring if you wanna know any more pm me

if you want my number peace....

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