Trail Tech Fitting Help on 426, power wires ?

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Trail Tech Vapor and need a little help with the wiring. I am fitting it to a Yamaha 2002 WR426, being kickstart only with no battery. Can I power the Trail Tech from the old speedo light wires so I can have the brighter light and LED functions working? I was uncertain if this would be the correct voltage etc.

Many thanks


The power required to run the Vapor is very little. If you have a spare set of wires that lit your odometer before then they should be sufficient. The US models did not have this feature so I pull power from the head lamp circuit prior to the switch and it works great. I simply pulled the pin out of the connector that powers the head light switch and soldered my power wire to the crimp on the pin. Then I re-inserted it into the connector. Very clean and it has worked flawlessly. Hope this helps.


Many thanks for the reply :lol::confused:

No problem, let me know if you have any other questions. Glad to help when I can.


I'm was working on installing the Vapor on my '02 wr426 (US version) today. I tried to connect the power to the yellow wire running to the light switch and it made my RPM shoot sky high. There are 3 wires in the clip - Yellow, Blue & Black. Yellow goes to switch, Blue goes to switch & head light and Black goes to headlight. Should I have connected to the Blue wire instead or am I trying to put the power wire in the wrong location?



You are correct with connecting your power to the yellow wire, if you put it on the blue one your Vapor will only be powered by the bike when the headlight switch is on. It sounds to me like you are connecting the tach wire to the power though. Double check your instructions for the vapor. Hope this helps.


I have just fitted a vapor on my 426. I used the speedo light for power (connected together red to red and black to black wires). For tach, put red wire in coil and put black on frame under the seat.

With mains power, the tach goes sky high (18000rpm) and without mains works fine? Am I doing something wrong with mains power or tach?

What do you mean by you put the red wire on the coil for the tach? It should be coiled around the spark plug wire. Also, what are your settings in the VAPOR? Also, what do you mean by Mains Power? I have a VAPOR installed on my US WR426 2002 version and don't have any problems. If you want I can send you a description using the 02 manual as to how I powered mine and how I wired my tach.


OK, here it is. I connected the Vapor Power wire to the Yellow wire in the 3 pin connector between the Regulator and the Light Switch. I connected the ground to any frame ground available. As for the Tach wires, I wrapped the red wire around the plug wire as many times as I could after routing it down the center of the frame to the Plug wire. I think it came out to about 7 wraps. The ground wire for the tach, I attached by sandwiching it between the coil and the frame on the coil mount bolt. The only time I have had any trouble with the tach readings, I was in extreme wet conditions and had drown my bike earlier that day. Hope this helps.


Thanks Josh, there is a wire that connects onto the coil, my instructions state (1 of 3 options) that I can connect the red tach wire onto this connnection and then black onto frame bolt. The tach works fine doing this when powered only by Vapor internal battery. When I use mains (Mains in UK means power source, eg 12v electrics) the rpm flew sky high. I contacted Trail Tech and they advised me that I should not use the old speedo light connection as it is operated by a switch on the handlebar. He states that using switches on the lighting circuit can interfere with the tach signal?? I was told, like you previously stated, that I should get the power from the regulater. I will try this and get back to you if it doesnt work. Thanks for your help. Andy

No problem, let us know how it turns out.

Josh, i'm looking at fitting a vapor speedo to my '02 WR. I've heard some people had dramas with the sensors reading accurately. Did you any problem in that regard?

No, other than in very wet conditions the Tach may jump around a bit. I bought mine for the spedo and the temp sensing so the tach didn't bother me too much. I did not have any problems with it in the dry conditions though, overall I am satisfied with it's performance. Hope this helps.


Magic, that seals it then, i'm off to get one as the speedo/odometer is the main reason I want it. My speedo let go a while ago and was tossing up whether to get the original or the trail tech. Will also be good to have a cable running down only one fork rather than two.

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