WANTED odometer spacer/box assembly on front wheel 92-00 XR600R

I need the odometer spacer/box assembly from any 92-00 XR600R. Its honda part #140081-001.

For a pic of what it looks like click link below. Its part # 15. Service Honda has it for $54. but I would really rather just buy a used one since mine is cracked and it makes my front wheel feel like it has bad wheel bearings. I know a lot people run the spacer from XR's only which eliminates this part so maybe someone has one laying around they want to sell. Thanks



I have one that I would be willing to trade for a spacer. I am not running the cable and I currently have it taped up to keep the dirt out. I am not sure what kind of shape it is in so I would have to check first if you are interested.

i probably have one as well if you guys don't work it out. I can't keep a cable working to save my life.

Well I still need one if anyone has one?


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