Places to ride around DFW?

It looks like I will be attending a training school for my job in Arlington for the whole month of April and if it happens I will haul my 2001 DR650 down with me. So where will I be able to ride? I am used to riding gravel roads in Iowa so I am hoping to find unpaved roads around Dallas/Fort Worth. My GPS doesn't differentiate between paved and unpaved, but it sure makes them easy to find if you have coordinates for an area I shouldn't overlook. I'll have my truck with me too, so if I have to drive a ways from the city to find some quality riding I can do that.

I'm thinking Marshall Creek would be best for your bike (DR650) and where you'll be.

(but also check out Village Creek MX to see some moto action as it's going to be the closest to where you'll be)

Also check out Rocky Ridge and Red River trails if you care to travel between 1-2 hours for some of the better trails in N. Texas.

Have fun!


Lots of good info here, THANKS!!

I'm also looking for some unpaved roads to ride and just look at the countryside.

I have ridden my DR650 and also the DRZ on many of the county roads in the north Texas area, north of the DFW area. There are a lot of cool roads that go out thru that area all the way up to the Red River,......around Muenster, Slidel, St. Jo, Nocona, etc. These are basically packed dirt and gravel roads with lots of hills. Rocky ridge and Red River are nice off road areas to ride and are in the same area that I am describing. I am sure there are similiar dirt roads down south of the metroplex also,...just have not made it down that way yet. I am in Coppell, let me know if you need more info or someone to ride with.


Sounds like just the ticket! I'd love to ride along with someone familiar with the area, I'll be sure to contact you closer to April. Looks like I'd only be about 25-30 miles from you. Thanks, Don!

Sounds good, let me know.:lol:


I'm on the west end of lake texoma. lots of gravel roads and paved country roads on both sides of the river.also if you wanted to trailer alot of good riding in talahina OK over to mina ARK. fire roads etc.

I've ridden my DL1000 on the forest roads and such around Mena, AR and can't wait to get back there with my DR650! The DL was too heavy and the 650 will be much more fun.

I have been wanting to get up to that Mena AR area, but have not done so yet. A fellow employee recently bought a large resort area just east of there with cabins, RV hookups and campground. She says there are some excellent dirt roads and trails in that area, so I definitely want to get up there and check it out.

By the way, I have a DL1000 also, mainly use it for to and from work, but have also done some light dirt road riding with it also. Kinda becomes a handful in deep sand!! The DR650 is for sure more forgiving.


Looks like the school in Arlington has fallen through and I won't be coming down after all. Still planning on making it to Mena though. I'll post again when I make a date for that trip and maybe you'd like to meet up there. Thanks for your hospitality, Don, maybe the Texas trip will materialize later.

The fall is a great time to ride the Mena area. You should try to make it then. It can get hot and sticky in the summer. I did a 5 day ride in the area last November and it was perfect for the DRs. We hit the sweet spot for the fall color which just added to the ride.


If you go to Mena don't forget to stay at Queen Whilamena (sp) state park. Great place to stay and there is always a ton of touring bikes to blow away!!

Yes, the Mena area sounds good. Let me know when you are doing a trip there and maybe a few of us can meet you up there.


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