Rear tire suggestions for So. Cal. deserts???

Yeah, I know, not another rear tire poll... but the archives don't seem to chock full of tire posts so I'll hang this one out there.

Seems like most care for the Dunlops (739, 752 or 606), some like the P12 pirelli's, and one vote for IRC (didn't know they still existed). Anyone care to chime in on what holds up in the rocks?? Yeah, I know, there's plenty of sand as well, but I'd rather error towards squirrelly in the sand than have the knobs chunk off. I had a Dunlop K490 or 495 (I forget...) that lasted about 30 minutes out at Boulder Road once... don't want to do that again!!! Anyway, I'm no racer, just looking for good all around hook-up and good wear characteristics. Thanks for your advice if you post.

The Dunlop 695AT is a good tire.

Big_G, the tire you want is the Dunlop 739AT. That tire holds up like no other in the rocks and is the new version of the 695AT that x400racer mentioned. It is the tire that I have had on my bike for several desert missions and gnarly trail missions with virtually no chunking. For prerunning the Baja 2000 my brother and some friends used the Michelin Desert rear for the entire journey (1400 miles with no flats and tread to spare). Eric

I thought the 739AT was replacing the 695AT?

Whatever. The 739 Desert A/T is very knob-chunk resistant and very puncture resistant. It is also very heavy.

Dunlop has a new model out, 773 or something, slated to replace the 755 front and rear. I'll try that one next if they make a 120mm. I’m just used to the extra traction the larger tires offer. I’ve been told a bike will track straighter with the 110 but I just notice better drive through deep sand with the bigger size. I replaced the stock 739 after only one ride with a 120mm A/T, which has identical tread, and noticed a huge difference in traction. The smaller tire would power slide easier and had noticeably less bite.

My last Pirelli was too small, too squirrelly and wore out too fast. I believe it was a MT 44. I do have that model up front and it is holding up well so far, though. Before that I bought about five 756 front tires in a row, right from when they first came out I think, and so far I think the Pirelli works as well. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone not liking the 756 up front.

For rear tires I buy Dunlop almost exclusively simply because I can always get a 120 size, most places seem to stock more of them for some reason. I usually go with a 756 but run the Desert A/T when I’m racing in rocky terrain.

Keep in mind also that there are two different sizing methods, I know a Pirelli size isn't equivalent (they are smaller) to a Dunlop. I can't remember if this applies to either Bridgestone or Michelin. Anyone?

Hope this helps.

ED78 120-100-18 big fat tire

739 Dunlop, must be long life king!

Hard as a rock, stiff side walls..I hate'em works great for what your wanting though!!


michilin M12 or H12. Both work well in the rocky woods here in north idaho. Just my two cents. Maxxis also makes some really good and cheap tires for rocky and sandy terrain. C6001 and the maxxis cross i/t to name a few.


The D739 AT is a blue groove to hard packed, while the D739 is shown as a hard-packed to hard/loose mix intermediate tire.

I believe you are referring to the Dunlop D606F ?

which is a new tire listed in the Dunlop tire guide as " street legal with emphasis on aggresive off-road riding "

By looking at the picture is resembles a normal knoby, and is shown as a " hard terrain " tire

Hopefully someone has tried this tire and can pass along their thoughts, because there isn't any tire holding up out here in our rock pile. :)

They only list a 120/90-18, 130/90-17 for rears, and 90/90-21 for the fronts for the D606

Also the D773 is listed as a sand/mud " soft" tire, you may want to double check if your going to ride in the west.

They are not listing any 695's at all.

After the Vegas to Reno race I walked (limped) around the pits in Reno and checked out all of the tires on the bikes and the clear winner of wear is the Dunlop 739AT for the rear. The IRC M5B wins in the hook-up category (IMHO) but the Dunlop will last longer. Do yourself a favor and get the Bridgestone "Extra" heavy duty tube and put some slime in it and you wont have to worry about flats as much, it really works.

Hmmm... looks like a lot of Dunlop'ers here. Seems to me that we used to use alot of the M22's (Bridgestone) and alot of the K490's (I think). We all rode 490's and 500's back then and were throttle heavy to say the least. Back then though, tires were like 35 bucks. But that was back in the day... ahhh the memories... anyway, looks like now the K739 is $55, the K695 is $53, and the K756 looks a bit too soft terrain. The Bridgestone ED78 is $56, the M22 is $45, and I don't see those Pirelli's at Chaparrel and that Michelin is definately out of the question. Maybe I'll try one of the 739's, never had one of those yet. Anyway, SOCAL, so what do you run and where do you ride?? I take it you aren't a fan of the K739. Just wonderin'...

Thanks for all your input guys.


Works geat. Big ass knobbies. After a bunch of rides it's about the same size knobbies as a dunlop. Not fun to ride behind. Great in sand. Soft sidewalls are not good in case of a flat.


FWIW, I've been using a Pirelli MT-83 ISDE-spec front tire for the last 500 mi or so here in So AZ. So far, so good. It has decent traction on hardpack/rocks and absolutely rips on intermediate or soft terrain. It has a stiff rock-resistent carcass and wears well, i.e. no chunking or cuts. I'll probably keep running it. As for rears, the MT-83 rear works equally well except for wear. Consequently, I'm still looking for a good rear. Maybe I'll try one of those Maxxis C-6001s.

Big_G, if you are going to buy the Dunlop 739 make sure you get the 739AT. You will wear out the standard 739 much faster and it will chunk. Eric

I just ran 1400 miles of baja on a 606.

It still has tread, 5/8".

It hooked up ok too.

The sidewalls are superstiff on these bad boys, so be somewhat prepared to bust a knuckle mounting them.

The stock 739 that came stock on my YZ was junk. After just a little wear, the traction went to hell. I ride 756's everywhere now with no problems, but back in the day (5 years ago on a CR5) I got a Kenda trackmaster (752 copy I think) that was less than $40 that I thought would last a short few months. Over a year later it was still in decent shape. It looks like it has a soft pattern, but it's compound is also soft, so it works well on hardpack. It is a cheap tire, and maybe worth a try.

I don't like the 739 becaus it is too stiff a sidwall specialy on the front.very heavy tire. got rid of the front and front-end wash out is gone, I'm still running 739 rear untill it wears out. (taking forever) I think I would use the 739 (rear) if I did mostly desert. I put a 756 up front to use untill my Metzler's showed up. And as it turns out I really love it, great tuning ability, light weight, very agresive, sheds mud well.

I would rather have to replace tires more often and have best traction... Well you asked me :):D


SFO, I totally agree about the 606!!My dad runs this tire and swares by it. The 606 will last forever, im sure it'll outlast the 739AT but it's not as aggressive. Im also interested in the Maxxis line of tires. For now I'll run the Bridgestone ED's because I have a special deal with a distributor and get them real cheap. Peace


Thanks for the input on those 606's, I almost ordered one, but wanted to hear from someone first.

Any feedback on these ?

D739FA-JA/G Four-stroke

One of the mags just did the WR426 test and mentioned to use this specific tire.

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