WR odometer on a YZ?

I'm just wondering what it would take to put an odometer on my YZ426 for enduro use? The odometer/cable seems fairly straightforward but how does the cable attach to the front hub?

Does anybody know if it is simple part that I can buy or is the WR hub completely different from the YZ hub?

You're going to need the at the very least the hub and re-lace it with your wheel or just get a whole wheel and be done with it.


You could put a WR odometer on your YZ but in my humble opinion it would be a waste of time and money. You would be mad as hell the first time you had reset the odometer (unless you get the 2006 model) you just twist and twist. all you get is mileage.

You should consider the Trailtech Endurance or Vapor. The Endurance sells for about 75 or 80 dollars is easy to install and gives you tons of usefull information.

Try this http://www.trailtech.net/atv_computer_kits_1.htm

There are tons of threads in this forum on mounting this unit.

Thanks GCannon...I just checked them out and their products look pretty slick!

Hi, yeh i too wouldn't bother puttin on an odometer and i would recommend the trailtech Vapor, as it is absolutely superb. though it's a bit more expensive over the Endurance, it has far more to it and is very acurate once setup correctly. the speedos accuracy is essential as here in the U.K we have speed cameras everywhere so it was vital that it would be accurate, and i can confirm that it's almost spot-on as i've tested it against my gps and it's almost 100%! the big bonus of the vapor is it's backlight, if like me you ride at night aswell, seeing your speed/miles/temps etc is a real bonus. that was where the Endurance lacked, NO backlight!

anyway, this is not a sales pitch, just my 2 cents....

go for the Vapor, it's very very trick and to "set it off" get the Billet dash surround aswell, looks neat... YammyHurricanetop.jpg

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