project xr is almost done

got my clarke tank looks good,looks like I might have to modify that coat hanger of a bracket they sent me,I think I will go with the red stripe on the side covers,what do you guys think? I used electrical tape just to see what it looks like.

enjoy the pics

new bike 003.jpg

new bike pics 001.jpg

new bike pics 003.jpg

new bike pics 004.jpg

new bike pics 005.jpg

nice looking ride :lol: sneaky spot for the licence plate, almost didnt notice it

Looks good! Any chance you could post a pic of your dashboard? I'm looking for ideas for my bike.


heres the dash pics the lights are being replaced with led lights for some odd reason the lights I had mounted did not work,but thats all right the led will be better,will post a pic of the leds when those come in.the gps mounts in a 12 plug in on the dash it's held in through the old key hole I put a 8/32 set screw in there to hold it in.

new bike 001.jpg

new bike 002.jpg

new bike 003.jpg

What's the dash made out of? I use an I finder GPS as well, very solid unit.

"delrin" plastic 1/4 thick

Sweet looking ride, job well done.:lol::confused:


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