Front wheel bearings.

Hi everyone this is my first post here on TT so be patient. I just bought a 2000 YZ426 and started checking it out. Found the front wheel bearings to be in not so good shape. Looking for bearings i came across an option that I thought was interesting, SEALED bearings for the front. I know that OEM have the rear sealed and the front are open. Any thoughts on any performance issues or reasons why a double sealed bearing would not work up front. btw i did my best to search through the forums before posting this


That's what I use :lol:

A sealed bearing is fine. The only reason you may not want sealed bearings is they are more difficult to re-grease. But then again, you shouldn't really have to anyway.

I just put Pivot Works in My 06 last night. Sealed and they are 25 bucks a set. Went in Smooth after the freezer for about an hour:ride:

I used the Moose (all Balls), sealed for both front and rear. Seem to be working great. After pricing the OEM (even on TT store), I decided OEM was too much money for the rear set.

All Balls & Pivot Works are both sealed on the front wheel. There is no performance difference between sealed and open bearings. The sealed bearing just last 3 times as long.

Sealed bearings are the way to go.

Please stay away from the cheap, poor quality bearings from China and North Korea that have invaded the internet. Get the part number off the bearings in your front wheel and go to a reputable bearing supply such as US bearings and buy a pair of good quality name brand sealed, not shielded bearings such as SKF, Fafnir, NSK, FAG et. They will probably run you $12-15 each but will most likely last for as long as you own the bike.

Thanks for all the input guys. I did go to a supply house and got a set of NTN for front and rear as well as my tripple clamp. I was going to go with Timken, but they are almost as expensive as OEM bearings. Got them in and fit perfectly.

That never made any sense to me. I always wondered why the rears were sealed and the fronts were not. I thought there might be an interesting explanation for this but it seems as tho the manufacturers are just CHEAP.:ride: :ride:

Just a comment, but Timken is my personal favorite. After growing up on the farm and repacking bearing after bearing all winter long, and replacing bearing after bearing on combines and other equipment, Timken is the only way to go.

I agree with you that Timken are the best bearings out there. Only problem was the price. From what I have been able to discern from talking with many many bearing suppliers the NTN brand is only slightly inferior to the Timkens and far superior to most other brands out there.

I've always had good luck with Pivot Works.

Hi there i noticed my front wheel bearings are away due to me power washing them,only found out that u dont power wash your bearings and stuff,so i was interested is it difficult to install new bearings on my front wheel.Can someone tell me how to do it please.

thx and this is a great site.:censored:

Nobody know how to put in new wheel bearings then:banghead:

yeh but are the hard to install or do i need machinery for it.

thx anyhow mate

No they are not hard to install

1. remove the wheel

2. remove oil seal

3. insert punch or screwdriver into middle of tire and push on the side wall to get the spacer to move over a bit

4. pound the bearing out, moving around the circle with small hits

5. clean out bearing seat

6. put new bearing in place, use a very large socket, it has to be large enough to sit on the outside race of teh bearing and tap it in place till it stops

7. install new oils seal in the same manner

If you have any questions email me at and we can get on IM or something and i can explain it better

BTW sorry about the lag in responding i have been working my butt off and havent had time to check posts

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