How to tell your too old to race motocross !! that brings back some fond memories!! :)


"You get lapped by the water truck."

Thats it, I am too old. :)

23 out of 50 applies to me......I might as well just shoot myself and get it over with.....

My wife is going to laugh her butt off when she reads this...

Bonzai :)

Very funny! Thanks for sharing.

I'm just a whipper-snapper (32), but still the list applies!

Thanks, Rick

Man I thought for sure there would be some ole timers here who would get a kick out of this! haha

I resemble that last statement. At my age all of them apply. If I could just remember what the subject matter was.

I do rember something about a water truck passing me, three times in one lap. :)

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