Part number for needle

I'm trying to find the part number for the needle to replace the one on my '06 WR 450. I need to go to my dealer and order one unless someone has one they want to sell. If you do, then let me know. I've done all the jetting except for the needle. Also, I only want to do this once, and am wondering what is the best position for the clip, and do I need to order a new clip or will the one off of the stock needle work? Thanks.

use a NCVQ needle and jet 1 size richer than a stock yz450 i went with a 168 main 48 pilot all the mods inclueding ex cam it rips

I had the shop order me a stock needle from an '04 WR 450. I hope this is the right one. If not, I'll just shim the needle that came in the bike.

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