Just bought a new 06' wr450. Following break-in procedures but the bike is sick. Has no power my Klx400 will have it for lunch. Is this normal or should I take it back to the dealer or does it just need the free mods.

The mods make a huge difference. If you haven't at least either changed or cut down the throttle screw, then you only have half throttle to start with. Do that first, or the rest of the mods won't matter. Once you do the mods, you'll kick that KLX to the curb.

After you do all the free mods you'll put that KLX and a PW50 in the same catagory!!

Unleash the Beast!!:lol:

Thanks just didn't realize the bike was this restricted. It does feel about like a pw50

Please,please,please do the mods. Just the thought of a klx400 being faster than a Wr450 is making me sick. Are you sure a PW50 is not faster than a KLX ?? I'm sure if you run the pw50 on a dino it will prove that it is faster (ha ha).




Thanks guys!!!!! Done the mods and wow!!!

Thanks guys!!!!! Done the mods and wow!!!

Yeah....the "magical mods" awesome, ain't it?

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