07 WR450 AIS Removal

I recently bought a 07 WR450. I bought the GYTR AIS removal kit for 06 since the 07 kit isn't out yet. It does not seem like it will fit where the stainless tube is removed from the head. I already replaced the throttle stop screw, put in the new pilot jet, new needle, and now the bike falls on its face unless you role on the throttle. Does the leak jet and main jet need replaced? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Getting to the carb sucks and I only want to do it one more time.

Remember to do the airfilter, grey wire and remove the restictor from the exhaust.

As far as the carb goes: You only have to change the pilot jet and the needle jet (set your clip on 4th from the top )and Remember to set your airscrew two full turns out.




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