excel spokes

I have an 18 inch rear wheel (which I had built) on my 2007 YZ 450 and need 3 excel spline drive spokes (because the chain came off and damaged them).

I've tried to purchase some separately, but I've been told that excel doesn't sell them separately.

Does anyone know where I could get 3 separately???

I'm using oem hubs


I had this same issue on my 2006 front wheel where I needed 2 spokes. Many will tell you honda and kawi may work and they sell them seperately so you can try that. I had to break down and buy the set for my front only because I was so confused after researching and finding that Honda 20" spokes go to a yamaha 21" front wheel ect. I just got the set I know works to settle any discrepancies.

Or try east Coast Wheels they may have seperates.

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