And Your Story Is...?

Dont know if this has been done before...but for those who want to know a bit about who they are writing could share their story ?

In response to SoCal...the only stars and stripes I see is when I fall off of my bike. I'm English, although you would probably never guess as I have one of those weird unplacable accents. Yanks think I'm Canadian but are puzzled when I dont say 'out' like the Canadians do. The English THINK I am English but are usually not sure, I am mostly a Yank to them.

Anyhoo....Switzerland ? Yes it actually exists. A taxi driver in New York once said..."Switzerland ?? You mean that place actually exists, I thought it was some place like Disneyland"!!! Not far from the truth really as its a little haven of relative calm in a heaving European sea! Jeez...enough with the philosophising already!!

Moved here when I was 8 with my parents. Schooled here and in the UK (Boarding school...Grrrr), University in London, then back to La Suisse for work....Caterpillar, Tetra Pak, Novartis...??

Married, 2 kids, cat(puking furball but we love him anyway), house, toys(many). My wife has 2 nationalities (Swiss/Canadian) and my kids 3 (Swiss/Canadian/British)!

I live right near the shore of Lake Geneva about 15 minutes drive from Geneva. 100's of km of woods are < 1 min ride from my house. I see NOONE on a bike EVER. I am ALOOOOONE. Scary sometimes and means I have to take real care as I have to ride alone or not at all! The lake is 5 mins drive. Nearest 'real' ski station is about an hours drive. Its cold in the winter, Hot-ish in the summer. No critters/bugs etc. Swiss Franc is strong. My boss doesn't give me any &%it. Life is good.

Man, that sounds great.

Do you yodel?

Just kidding.



About one year ago, I was in Geneve, nice place. Too bad I hadn't heard of you yet. Its a gorgeous place. I hung out around the lake, even went to some little casino they have in near one of the hotels. They couldn't find anyone who could even speak one word of English to explain the machines. But I figured it soon enough, put money in, and very little comes out! Looks like great riding country, I saw it riding trains all over the place.


Hey, Missile: Greetings from God's country

Wanted to head up that way when I was in Italy some years back, but Venice was as far North as I got. Sounds like M/C riding isn't big in your area. I ride some places that are similar to your's (sparce), but it's nice to go out and socialize with other motorheads once in a while too.

Your description gave me some great ideas of how beautiful it is over your way. I have to say that there tons of fantastic riding her in the desert southwest. Always a mountain ride nearby if the desert gets boring (as if that'll ever happen)

If you adopt me, I'll ride with you anytime :) . Sounds like a great place to live.


Well missile, it sounds like a fairy tale life. Contentment rings through you short bio. So I guess it's only fair for me to reply in the same fashion. Born in calif, Nun's decided at an early age and much whacking that I should be educated somewhere else, hence off to publik schul for the last half of my education (god I wish this forum had word spell!) at 17 duped mom into signing release for me to enter military. learned how to kill people from far away. got out of military married to my Jr. high school sweetheart. worked constructon and various jobs. Learned mechanical stuff along the way, welding, machining, fabrication, ect. ect. Slave to a large corprate giant for the past 15 yrs. and all they do is give me @#%*.. travel when I can.

and well the rest is history. Oh, by the way, I'm still married to the Jr. High school sweetheart :)

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