Anyone Have A XR650L Engine Side Cover Laying Around?? (Clutch Side, Broken OK!!!)

Hey Guys

My girl knocked my bike over in the garage the other day and although it didnt "crack" it, the shifter lever went into the engine case and made a very small dent in it. :lol:

I see that no companies offer aftermarket case guards for the XR650L like they do for the DRZ and other bikes. :confused:

I am trying to find if anyone has a spare side cover (broken is ok) that i could use to bring to my local machine shop and have some case guards made from. I mentioned my idea to him and he said if i could get a spare side cover and would be able to give me a much better estimate, etc.....

Anyone have one laying around i could borrow? I will pay for shipping both ways.

If this happens, i will be posting the case guards for sale. If the price is reasonable (under $50 or so), whoever loans me the case will get one for free!

Anyone?? :crazy:

I have one, PM me your address and I will ship it through my UPS account. Better yet email me at

PM Sent


I read another thread on this subject and saw a creative solution. Where a guy had cut a piece of thin gauge stainless and epoxied over the case. seamed like a pretty darn good fix, and was very low profile, looked good too!

Yes, that will work and your right, it is a damn nice fix!

I am looking for something with a little more coverage though. The underside of my side cover shows some decent dings from a gravel road we were on as well. I am thinking of having a "cover" made that slips over the whole thing. I will post my results.

Any progress on this ? I'd be interested for sure.

I got a cover in transit (thank you TARFELE) and will bring it to the machinist when it gets here for a quote.

I will post up my results


OK, I'd be in for 3 when your ready.

And of course pay for them.

I'd be in for 1 if they work out.

Me too!!!! I just replaced mine for a cool $135. I cant believe there is no aftermarket left side case guard. Let us know when it is ready. Kris

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