Devol Radiator Guards Question...

I just installed a set of Devol radiator guards on my new 650R and I'm a little concerned about the fit in some areas.

1. Does your right radiator get rubbed by the guard in the top corner closest to the frame? There appears to be good spacing between the face of the radiator and the guard until you get to that little ledge at the very top. The corner of the guard contacts the radiator. Will this contribute to rust/corrosion? If you noticed this rub point, what did you do to change it? There is no adjustment in that corner because of the frame bolt and mounting hold being so close.

2. Left radiator: The guard at the lower right corner, where the big circle is cut into the guard, rubs against the frame. I put a piece of closed cell foam on tape between the guard and the frame but now I'm thinking I should cut it down so it doesn't rub at all. What did you guys do?

3. What kind of gap do you have between the guards and the face of the radiator. I guess my gap to be about a 1/2 inch... It seems to me that the stock louvers would give more protection since they protrude out further whereas the guard lets brush come in real close to the face of the radiator...

These questions seem pedestrian, but I'm leary of trying anything new with my 650s since I've kept the same setup for 4 years now...

Hey buddy I have had the guards on my bike for about 2 years and tons of offroad miles and never had a problem, I love them. I have never noticed the rub on the top right, but the bottom left against the frame is present and did nothing but rub the paint off the frame. The clearance is about 1/2 like you said and let me let ya I've had this thing in some really nasty stuff more than a few times and I have to say these guards saved my rads :lol: We do what we call brush hoggin....where we just tear off threw thick woods and ride hard :confused: Oh yeh.... You may have to tweek them alittle, I havent really done anything with them since I put them on and they're great for side impacts very strong, The absolute best protection I have ever put on this bike :crazy:

My guards needed some tweaking. The radiators don't line up with the frame, maybe from one of my wipe-outs?:lol:

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