DRZ125L 'tracker

Finally got tires on my new DRZ125L.

Will be using for slide training.

Also has BBR springs f & r.

Went to 15W (from 10W) in the forks.

Can't wait for the spring! :lol:

Here's a pic I'd like to share:


dude go ahead and get the BBR full exhaust system and a K&N airfilter and really rip it up!!

I'd like to, but it seems I'll be riding it on OPP for the most part,,

so she's gotta stay stealthy. :lol: Don't wanto wake the neighbors!

they have a quit core insert,though i havent heard one, its saposed to drop it down to almost stock noise level. still wouldnt hurt to get the K&N though!

What brand and size of tires are you running?

dunlop flat track tire front,

avon street tire rear,

I have no idea what sizes

(bike is still at dlrshp)

you should look into a lightened flywheel you will be surprised at the difference

Got to use them today for the first time...

Of all places...

in my brother-in-law's warehouse!

Lots of dangerous sharp deadly things to crash into,

but it was lots of fun.

One big 1st gear oval,

got to practice some sliding.

This pic is early on BEFORE we really started getting sideways...

(The DRZ125L is a great bike for this stuff)


Nice! :censored:

I race a drz on dirt track, depending on what type of dirt you plan to race on I run maxxis dirt track tires on 2,75" sun rims both front and rear. they really work great on clay.

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