installing spokes

I have just received my new spokes. I need to replace 3 in the same area. My question is do I need to loosen all and true from there or can I just put the 3 spokes in and tighten to spec...

If you can get them into their correct place you don´t need to losen other spokes. When all spokes are in their correct place I would tighten those three and check all others around the wheel for tightness - other spokes will get more stress if the wheel was ridden with a few spokes missing so there might be a few spokes needing retightening. If the wheel is wobbling all over the place I would losen all spokes and start again - this time trueing the rim to the hub.

I agree with that. As long as you don't need to remove any other spokes to install the new ones, there's no need to touch them until you get to the truing phase of the repair.

The wheel will be out of true because of the 3 spokes being broken or removed. Start by matching the torque of the 3 new spokes to that of their neighbors. Tighten them a little at a time as a set until they are about as tright as the rest of the wheel, and then true the assembly.

Remember that you cannot straighten a bent rim with the spokes. You can fix high spots, low spots, wobbles and egg shapes, but not flat spots, dents or twists.

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