Yz426 As A Trail Bike?

Is the yz426 a good trail bike for the tight stuff or is it more suited to hi performance use only?,Thanks for your opinions

As with all MX bikes, it has certain attributes that make it less than perfectly suited for tight trails. It is suspended a bit tautly for the purpose, and has a close ratio transmission with a taller first gear. In the case of the YZ426, there is also the matter of its weight.

However, it has a huge amount of very usable low end power (as well as every other kind), and like any big four-stroke it is very tractable. There are a number of mods you can do to improve on their trail performance, too, and to say they were not a good, rideable trail bike would be to ignore the several hundreds of guys who use theirs for that every weekend.

Add a flywheel weight to it, re gear it and your good to go for a woods bike.

If you dont want that cost of performing the above, and want Yamaha, shop for a WR.

Does it like to be ridden at slow speeds? I heard that they will overheat on cowtrails,is that true?

I trail ride and race mine all the time on tight single track and love it.

A couple key things that made it better suited for that were going to 13/50 gearing & having the auto decomp cam which will help with brake stalling and allow for a quick restart while you're still rolling if you do happen to stall it. First gear is not very low so on the real tight stuff there is lots of clutching.

I installed a Rekluse a couple months ago and it has been the best money I have ever spent on an offroad bike...I can ride the tight nasty trails faster and all day long with no arm pump.

Does it like to be ridden at slow speeds? I heard that they will overheat on cowtrails,is that true?

Mine never overheats on me in the summer when traction is okay and I can keep at least a little bit of speed. It's the muddy/snow winter weather that gets to, i.e., I'm stuck and spinning, or alongside pushing while gassing up a hill.

As long as I can keep even a little speed I don't overheat. I use Engine Ice coolant.

I left my gearing stock. I added a Rekluse which is probably the best mod for woods riding. I recently got a big tank for the long trail rides, but overall, the 426's even in stock form, make perfect woods machines. :lol:

YZ426's are incredible trail bikes. It's almost all i use mine for.

Yes do it..i have done it for my 426 and my mates YZ426 also. we have LED lighting kit, bashplates, Dunlop 952 tyres, Barkbusters, and the list goes on...

took a,little bit to get used too, but bloody worth it. More punch than the WR too...


check me photos...


I have an 01 426..am running 14/53 sprockets..at 6'1 220....the weight of the bike isnt an issue...I ride it on primarily tight singletrack and jeep roads..great bike, great low end pull..Hasnt let me down yet...Ive owned it for a year and a half...I ride it between 10 and 15 hours monthly..

I have a '02 426 that i only use for tight single track stuff. never have had an overheating issue even in summer here. i have a rekluse,heavier flywheel,& 13-53 gearing. suspension is the only issue that needs serious softening attention for the trails. great choice IMO,love mine.

Race and ride mine on Trails. Perfect bike. A few mods and you have a great all around bike. The 450 Cam Mod and Rekluse are top of the list. Yes the 426 may be a little heavy but still lighter and more powerful than most trails only bikes...

Dont get overheating on my 02 yz426.

I run 13-50 gearing,decompressor cam,rekluse clutch.

But the suspension is too hard in tight woods,for me anyway!

My weight is 220lb,not revalved suspension,but have changed to correct springs for weight.

Even tried WR shock and forks,the shock bottomed out too much,but have kept the forks on,and am now using some framebreaker subtanks,which helped a lot.

Hope that helps.:lol:

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