06 450 rear hub

That's extremely common. The '06+ needs more slack than the earlier ones.

And the 07 needs even more .

The '06 manual specifies 1.9-2.3". What's the '07 spec.?

There's not a day that goes by at the track that at least one person comes up and says I'm running my chain too loose. What's worse is after I explain it to the other YZ450 owners they go back and check theirs.

OK... still don't have the bike. Just waiting or Yamaha to authorize repair. I think they are going to step up on this one.

Two seperate issues on my failures:

The first was caused by the sproket bolt theory where they aren't tightened properly and they failed, causing sproket to come loose and sheer(sp?)break hub/chain guard/ pretty good chunk out of swingarm.

(I thought I was on top of everything, but obviously something wore wrong and I sucked it up)

This issue was the tight chain theory, however, I was not running my chain tight, it seemed really loose. But following rec. that's right. I checked the sproket bolts right before the ride.

Went out rolled around , second lap slow off-on, lap 3 right after I got going landing off a smallish double out a long section. (lake elsinore)Clank locked up!

As soon as I slid to the side, I knew and looked right away. All the bolts snapped except one which was still in one ear of the hub. That piece had broke loose, the entire sprocket(afam 48 or stock) was bent outward away from the bike.

We literally carried it to the dealer after loading and left it intact. Hopefully the pieces that yamaha will assumingly ask for will help determine something.

I will keep you posted

I've heard Talon, and Rad wheels mentioned. Any other favorites or recommend for wheel assemb. priced undr $500? Ebay maybe? I want to price out on my own, I may buy one for piece of mind

"What is causing the bolts to break" is the next question?

If it bent the sprocket the chain was too tight, plain and simple.

"What is causing the bolts to break" is the next question?

my guess: they got stretched by too much torque...then sheared

If it bent the sprocket the chain was too tight, plain and simple.

possible but probably loosened enough to get folded ... seen this a couple of times from either loose or over tighten sprocket bolts...especially if the sprocket holes get elongated...

notice it on my 06 450 today. It's bumming me out because of the expensive venture. Is Yamaha really going to step up and help you out?


This thread is two years old. I doubt you'll get a response from the OP.

Which problem are you having, trouble with the bolts, or with the bearing pocket loosening?

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