need help setting up suspension

I have been riding my 06 yz 450 the way it came from the factory and I notice it seems a little stiff I ride some trails and some track what would be the best setup for both any suggestions would be a big help thank you.

link doesn't work

The forks can be a little stiff if you don't keep your speed up on the track and I bet it can be pretty tough on the trails. My suggestion is this. If you are between 170-190 lbs, don't mess with valving or springs. This bike is valved really, really well from the factory and it's very hard to improve on. If it's too stiff, turn those clickers out and experiment until you find a setting that works well for you. To soften the forks a bit you can take out some fork oil, but this will generally only soften the forks after halfway through the stroke.

link doesn't work
Try it now. Go down the page to the tuning guide.

The fork is also sensitive to oil level changes in the outer chamber as small as 5cc.

Have you tried setting the sag on your bike? Do you bleed your forks before each ride? You can try turning your compression clickers out one click at a time on your forks and shock which will soften up your suspension.

How long have you had your bike? I just got my '06 and it's taken a little while for the springs to brake in. It's great on the track now but I need to soften it up a little when I go trail riding. This is fine compared to my way too soft suspension on my WR450. I bottom it out just trail riding.

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