Wr450 or, the DRZ400SM

Ok, first off, I'm going to be getting a bike soon. I will be using it for getting around town on, occasionally going on long trips and riding 'firebreaks.' I have been looking seriously at the DRZ for some time now, but I have a thing for Yamaha, and i like to customize. So, what do you think? Should i get a DRZ400SM, already outfitted for all of the above. Or, should i get the WR450, and make it dual sport. I really am looking at the Yamaha right now, but if I get it, I am going to have to out-fit it for the street and also I am going to get the supermoto suite for it, and whenever i wish to ride off-road, switch the tires with the stock ones. So, any opinions would be appreciated:thumbsup:


For starters, do your homework before buying either. Suzuki is ready to go, Yamaha is not set up for SUMO. You'll spend at least $3800.00 setting up the Yamaha for SUMO before riding and then getting a plate for it, depending if the DMV will allow it as well for the Yamaha vs. the Suzuki being ready once again. You'll only need to buy an extra set of rims/tires/chain/sprockets for the Suzuki vs. the kit for the Yamaha. I've been looking to build a SUMO myself, its not cheap and many states won't plate a bike not already set up for it either. Check your state rider laws.


'06 WR450F free mods for now

Thanks for the reply, maybe when my parents aren't paying for it Lol!

Your parents, nevermind then...........:lol:

Ya lol, i wanna go to college to be a mehcanical engineer, then mayb ill find a job then i might have a few extra dollars to get me a yama sumo lol

Word to the Wise: don't go Mech Engr unless you truly love it. I started out as one and then switched to Materials Sciences and Engineering. ME is a HUGE major anywhere you go, and while it is an excellent major, it's not specialized enough IMO. The advantage to ME is that you can pretty much work anywhere, but as a boring engineer sitting in front of a computer drawing crap in Solidworks.

You won't have any trouble finding a job regardless of what engineering you do, so make sure it's an engineering you truly enjoy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was not trying to insult any Mech Engineers and this was all based on personal preference :lol:

oo thanks for the input.. im doin it cuz i like engines.. im almost possitive it makes good money.. and i can be like eddie and make my bikes go zoom zoom

where will you be going to school? Check your school out to see if they have a Formula SAE program. It's a nation-wide (and worldwide for other branches) engineering design competition where we build an open-wheeled, formula-style racecar using any 4-stroke piston engine under 610cc. Here at the U of Arizona, we use a GSX-R600 motor, but the majority of teams run F4i motors.

sorry for hijacking your thread...

its kool.. im a freshman [in highschool] and i need to figure out what exactly i wanna do in life!! lol.. besides having fun.

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