led lites on dash

my led lites came in this is what they look like when installed in the custom dash,the red one is for power on,the blue is for neutral,I feel like a idiot asking this but is there a lite on the stock speedo unit on a xr650L that lites up when you turn the key on then goes off after the bike starts up?

led lites 001.jpg

led lites 002.jpg

led lites 003.jpg

led lites 004.jpg

I have a 2006 XRL and have no such light. Side Stand, Neutral and signals.

I have a '00 XRL... turn, neutral, sidestand, high beam indicators, and light inside the speedo for illumination... that's all


looks like I have a bonus light,my new key turns the bike on but does not stay in the ignition,thats wwhy I thought it would be nice to have a light telling you that the bike was on,I'm no electrician but there has to be some way of making that light work that way,you know lights up when key is turned on,turns off when bike is running,lights up when bike pukes out,maybe a oil pressure switch?

You could run a relay that is energized by the power circuit from the generator circuit when the engine is running and charging the battery it'll have power, and when the engine quits it clicks and throws battery power to your light. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out if you can get your hands on a schematic.

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