LarryCO, finally replied to your message

Well thanks to Kevin's message, I realized this cool new option. Larry, I replied back to your message. I am actually going to try to make Berthod this Saturday. That is if the snow melts tomorrow.

I'm going to try for Berthoud on Sat also. Not only do you need the snow to melt, you need it to dry a little too. Berthoud gets so muddy that you can't hardly get in to park. Good news is we are down to just snow on the north side of things now, so Sat might be ok.

Let me know if you'd like to meet.

Well, out East, there is still at least 3" of snow. Don't know if Berthoud would be any good for Sat.

[ January 11, 2002: Message edited by: Stefe9999 ]

Next weekend is Berthod's Hare Scramble. I am going to try to go tomorrow to set my bike up for track riding. But I'll make the call Sat AM. I may try to call them first to see what the conditions are. My other option is to go snow shoeing with my wife and inlaws Saturday. Hmmm, which one do I want to do :)

I heard Berthod is good at removing the snow from the track but it will be very muddy. So I will call them in the AM to see if they are open at least. If you go, look for my red F150 4 door Supercrew. I have the TTalk stickers on my WR but it looks more like a YZ with no graphics on the oversize tank. If I don't see you there, maybe at next weeks Berthod Hare Scramble.

Heh guys. Perhaps the following weekend? This Sat. would work (probably...need official big lady boss approval)...but I'd much rather it be dry. We've got friends in town this weekend staying with us...and it would have to be pretty sweet to warrant the pain and suffering I'll probably have to go through to get away for 1/2 a day.. :)


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