Lighter Pull Clutch Perch

Has anyone found a clutch perch and lever that really makes a noticable decrease in the clutch pull? If so, can you tell me the brand and model? I'd like to get the suspension tweaked for off road and the clutch pull lighter so I can ride this bike for a few weeks to determine if I want to keep it or go back to the 2 stroke. For that reason, I'm avoiding a hydraulic clutch or recluse at the moment. If I decide to keep it, I'll do one or the other.

I will say that today was the 2nd ride and I am getting more comfortable with it and liking it a lot. It was about 45 degrees and it cranked 2 times while I was "easing" the kickstart down trying to get it to TDC. What a nice surprise.

Thanks for your help,


Three letters: ASV

Without questions the levers have made an improvement in my riding. I'm small and have rather small hands, and the stock levers on my 450 just weren't cutting hit. By the end of most practice days, my hands would be so tired and the levers were so far away, and the clutch was difficult to pull in.

The ASVs are adjustable, which is main reason I got them, but they also greatly reduced how hard I have to pull the lever.

Others may have different experiences, and I haven't tried any other aftermarket levers, but I am VERY happy with the ASVs. :lol:

Thanks, I'll try to locate one. I'm really liking the bike, but in tight woods where you're using the clutch alot in turns, it's wearing me out (after being used to a Magura on my KTM 2 stroke).


Maybe other's will chime in....but definately hold off from getting a Magura Hydraulic. I've heard they are very consistent, but on the yzf's, they tend not to lighten the pull very much. Several people got them to lighten the pull, but they stated that they were dissapointed with the worked, but not by much.

Ditto on ASVs. Make sure you get the clutch perch with the levers. Make sure you get the NEW F-3 or F-5 with the Pro Perch with the quick adjuster.

Ditto on ASV and you can go to ASV inventions Ebay store. I got the top of the line C5 pro perch clutch and C5 brake for $50. Not bad since the clutch alone retails for around $150. They were refurbished but don't have one single scratch or blem on them so I can't tell they aren't brand new.

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