in the market for a new bike

I am currently in the market for a new bike. I have very little dirt experince, any suggestions? I am 24, 6ft and 190lbs and live on the east coast. Thinking about the TTR-250. The bike is for fun and to gain experience. Is the 250 to small?



I'm 5'10" and 190. I rode my 96 XR 250 for the last few years before my 99 WR 400. The 250 was lots of fun. I do not regret getting the bike. If you ride the tight stuff on dirt, the 250 will be great. If you ride out in the open or in sand, you'll notice that you don't have a lot of power. A nice compromise might be the drz 400. Good power and easy to ride. I still have good things to say about the XR line-up however.

Do a search in this forum on xr400 or drz400 and you will find a lot of good info on this topic.


I am currently riding a TTR-250. I am 5-8 on a good day and weigh in at 185. After riding it for a while, I can't wait to pick up my WR. I ride a lot of tight trails and the TTR has been fun. It is a good trail bike, but.....the front suspension needs work. It is way to weak for a 190lb rider. It is set up more for a 150lb rider. The rear dials in nice, but the front... forget it. After market springs are available for under 100 bucks, which will help quite a bit. The power is weak, but can be hopped up with a little jetting and a pipe, but it gets loud. If you buy one, I am sure you will like it. I am also sure you will out grow the bikes potential becuase once you start riding, it becomes an addiction. You will ride more and more, resulting in increased skills, leaving you with the need for more suspension and power. My girlfried hates the bike becuase I perfer to ride that than her. I would go towards a DRZ or an XR400. They dont quite have the power of a WR and may be easier to manage in the trail. You also won't out grow it as quick.

No matter what anyone say's, buy what YOU want and have fun.

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