Tone down the power? I don't get it..

I picked up a 04 YZ450 a few months ago. After reading all the posts here and the archived magazine articles, everyone says the power hits too hard... I guess not as hard as the 03 bike, but still too hard.

What are they talking about? It is not controlable? Hmm nope, not for me. Too much of a hit? Hmmm, not for me... I love the bike, incredible power, controllable - if one knows how to ride and a perfect ergomonic fit. What do you guys think of the 04?

I don't know what them testers are smoking. I have an 04 also and do not think the hit is too hard at all. Really you don't even get a lot of wheel spin unless you rev it up and dump the clutch. I put a DR.D can on mine and it has more bottom, mid and top end now! The thing just rips. It does kinda feel heavy in the corners, but it just seems to rail around em with out kicking the ass end out. I like mine, but its for sale.

It's all about throttle control. I guess the testers are thinking 2 stroke style and jammin on the throttle till it kicks wide open. Remember, those two stroke guys are hard to convince that the 4 stroke kicks ass. Mo 4 fo me!

I have the 04' and I love it. It definately is not the greatest turning machine on the Planet however. I ride both track and trails, and I read all the posts about adding Flywheel weight when trail riding. I've never done it, but if I continue to ride tighter stuff I just might try it.

When I first got the bike (used with about 50 non-raced hours on it), I thought "Holy Smokes, what fire-breathing Monster did I get??" Of course, I had been out of riding for a lot of years, so my "reference point" was a long time ago, but I've grown accustomed to the "hit" and I don't think it's excessive.


1) Get rid of the stock front tire (Dunlop 739AF), unless you ride only hardpack. I switched to a Pirelli Scorpion Pro, and it's a lot better than the 739, on everything.

2) Get a Stormlink from Stormcycles, to improve the turning. It will definately make the bike easier to lean over, with less standing up in corner's.

3) Install a Zip-Ty Fuel screw, or another aftermarket Fuel screw. Makes life easier, than carrying a shortie screwdriver.

have fun.

I've always ridden 500 two-strokes, so getting a 450 was toning down enough for me.:lol:

I had an 04 YZ450 and thought it was hard to ride. Try and 06 or 07 and get back on the 04 and you'll see what they are talking about. The 04 hauls, but it's too punchy, wants to stall easily in corners and is big time top heavy. Very reliable bike though. I stil see some at our track and they are running strong.

I rode my buddies 04, and i have to agree with ya, it was a great bike and has good controllable power. I guess people has their own opinion about it tho..:lol:

Coming from a CR500 to my '03, I didn't see what all the fuss was about, either. However, since adding the 8oz flywheel (I got it with a 5oz), and then getting the '06, I can tell you that all that brutal, instantaneous snap the early YZ's are noted for is a lot more thrilling than it is useful. The '03 is easier to ride with the extra weight, and is not one bit slower. If anything, it's faster by virtue of the improved traction. The '06, often criticized as being too soft on the bottom, runs side by side on pavement from a second gear roll with the '03, until it starts to pull away on top. The so-called "soft" '06 requires much less effort dedicated to throttle management, and that energy can be used for other things, which helps keep you fresh longer.

I love the '03. I loved the CR500. But the fact is that a bike with low end power like a 454 Chevelle is not as easy to go fast on as one with a little better metered power curve.

i wish my 06 had a little more thrash!

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