02 XR400 for 02 YZ426F

I just received an offer to trade my XR 400 which I love for a YZ426F. I love tight singletrack riding and have never been on a motorcross track. I seem to be spending my riding time these days putting around in first gear with my wife who is new to riding. Is there any good reason why I should trade?

Probably not if you are into just putting around. If I were into casual putting around I would be happier on my old XR600, but the 426 allows you to pick up the pace a bit. XRs are great bikes and plunking trails is there specialty. What would you be hoping to gain by moving to the YZ?

I would look at why this other person is willing to trade? With the YZ you will have many different options to improve performance and race capability you won't have with the XR. Both bikes are a specialty for what they are ridden for and I would look into the reasons for the trade offer.

Both bikes are bulletproof, with that said about a 20lbs weight savings, with the YZ. I have the '02 and enjoy it just as much as my '06. Plus you gain liquid cooling.

If you are happy with your XR then stay with it. I ride trails about 90% of the time and ride them on a 2000 426. It does fine, however I deffinitely prefer riding something built for the trails (better gearing etc.). YZs are good bikes, but were designed for the track, not the trails...

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