New Rekluse autoclutch is out...

...reviewed in this month's DirtBike mag. The review was based on a CRF-450, not sure if it BRP available. It now can fully disconnect and act as a normal clutch based or rider style/preference. DirtBike gave it a glowing review. I will upgrade my old Rekluse if I can but, if not, I still believe it's worth the extra $600.

BW3, maybe they adressed some of the issues you had with durability or maybe the ability to disengage like a normal clutch will make those issues moot?

Aren't the 650R's giving the Rekluse clutches fits because of the added torque?

What I've read here and other places seems to be if you don't abuse them they are ok but if you are a 'go faster' you'll tear them up.

New one comes with it's own basket- that should solve the reliability issues BW3 has mentioned.

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