Where's the oil strainer on the 2006 YZ450F?

The earlier YZ's had a strainer screen that caught a lot of break-in debris. Where does that material go now? More than ever it might be a good idea to use a magnetic drain plug? Which side would be the bottom of the sump? Both?

Isn't the air box boot to carb. junction easy to get on and off now!:lol:

There's no such strainer in the '06-7. The one in the early bikes didn't really accomplish that much, as coarse as it was.

Carb access suffered a bit from the chassis upgrade, but it's not as bad as some.

Do you lie the way the bike handles?

the new 07 yz450f handles like a dream man. But i'm still trying to get rid or the pop-pop-pop when you down-shift. and let off the throttle.

After adjusting the shock spring sag and lightening up the compression damping in the forks two clicks it is starting to feel pretty good.

The pop pop is a lean fuel mixture from closed to 1/4 throttle opening. I had to put a #45 pilot jet in mine to reduce the leanness. I tried to ride mine on a 35 degree day at the local arena, and worked for 15 minutes to get it started. After changing the pilot jet and turning the pilot fuel screw out 2 and 5/8 turns, it too is working much better.

I rode the 2007 in the Dealers back field, and it felt awesome. But not a good proving ground like a MX track or the arena where I have been dialing in my 06.


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