Starting and Carb issues

I have an 01 426 last year I took a new job and am not able to ride all that often so my bike sits for 2 or 3 months at a time. When I go out and try to start it I kick until I am about to give up and then it fires off. It runs a little rough then seems to be fine. When I get time I usually pull the carb disassemble and clean it and then everything is fine and it starts within 2 or 3 kicks. Then the bike sits for 2,3 or 4 months and the whole vicous cycle starts all over again. Well the last time I pulled the carb apart I went ahead and did the BK mod and also put in a new pilot screw you can adjust without a screw driver. After reassembling everything I fired the bike up and to my suprise it fired on the first kick. It purred like a kitten. Well I realized it was time for Anahiem 1 to start so I killed the bike and then heard it backfire in the airbox just like it always does. Then next morning I came out to fire it back up and ride it around and for the life of me it will not start. I have checked the plug and it is getting spark and it also appears to be getting fuel.

What is going on???????

Another quick question: I pulled the plugs on the left case just above the shift lever where the magneto is and it is full of oil. This is the first time I have ever had these off and do not know if this is supposed to have oil or not. (A wet magneto??)

Please forgive my lack of knowledge about my own bike and help set me in the right direction.

Thank you,


Maybe you set the pilot screw too weak,try ajusting it.

After i put a new pilot screw in my bike,i needed to give it 1 pump of the throttle to get it started,(and your not supposed to pump it in case it floods).

I think you just need to learn what it needs,now you have altered stuff,sounds like it was'nt right to start with anyway.

And yes it should have oil under the magneto case.

Someone more qualified will probably come up with better answers shortly.

Also, you said you checked the plug but you don't say that you changed it. In my experience probably somewhere near 90 percent of the time when a bike won't start it is plug related. Try a new plug and if it doesn't start after 3 or 4 kicks then give it one full rotation of the throttle (I have had to do this ever since I did the BK/Fuel Screw/Cam upgrade and a few airbox mods. Just a little too lean to get it to fire right off when the engine is cold. Hope this helps,


My 99 has always been finicky about its starting procedure and carb settings. When changing the jets and such I found it would start more readily with the 48 pilot jet rather than the 45 recommended by some kits. With the 45 it would start great a few times, then take many,many kicks to start???????? With the 48 it starts great all the time. Yes, I know this sounds funny, but I guess my bike is a bit picky:ride:

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