Running In a 2007 WR450F


I am picking my 07 model up on wednesday, and a little unsure of how i should best run it in? I have never had a 4-stroke before, and am sure my usual two-stroke running in procedure of riding the ring of it aint really gonna do it for the big 4-5-0. Also, what sort of oil should i run it, (synthetic/semi-syn. or mineral-or can someone recommend a decent brand type?) and how often should i change it?

Thanks in advance

P.S Bring on the leccy leg!

Run fully synthetic oil

and run it in exactly how you plan to ride it, and change oil and filter after first couple of hours

Run regular motor oil for at least 500 miles before using synthetic will not break in properly!

This is an edit: I should have said at least 300 miles.

Make sure you check your air filter to see if it has "the hole". If it does, make sure the dealer knows about it and orders you a new part for free. Make sure you plug the hole if you ride the bike before you get the new part. I pick up mine sometime this week.

Agree with Looks. it's important in the first 50km to bed the rings in so it doesn't hurt to load the motor to help them seat. Revving is good in bursts. It doesn't hurt to run them in on synthetic, you want the best protection straight away in my opinion. Get yourself a sump magnet and change the oil and filter (and drain plug) after 50km and then again at another 50km and then you're right to go. Replace oil then after every third to fifth ride :lol:

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