03 vs 05 wr450

I am in the process of changing from my banshee to a 2wheel, long story short, I will be getting a wr450, not new but hopefully reliable. The question I have for all of you is this. Should I buy a 05 with 195 miles on it only mods are the free up grades that I have read about on here, or should I buy the 03 with the following up grades: High comp piston, all new valves, chain, hot cams, big gun exhaust, & pro-taper bars? I am fairly familiar with 2 strokes and working on them, not so much with the 4 strokes. Price diff is about $1500 between the two, but my biggest concern is the reliability factor. Any help would be great.

thanks in advance

No brainer get the 05.:lol:

No brainer get the 05.:lol:

+1 :confused:...SC

Thanks for the input, that what I was thinking but always nice to be reassured. Now my local yammer shop have a couple of 06's left over the price on those will be $1000 more out the door than the 05 I have been talking about. Question, are the changes enough to warrant the price difference? I will probably keep what ever bike I get and up grade in a few years anyway (I really like the Aluminum frame idea, but have never been big on buying 1st year products...hence my nervousness with the 03). I don't mean to be inquisitive but just don't want to make a mistake or have regrets.

i don't know about others, but i feel uncomfortable buying bikes with lots of engine modifications.

it makes me nervous since i'm not the one who did it, or know the guy who did the work.

i'd go with the '05 just for the peace of mind.

there weren't enough changes in the 06 to warrant $1000 more if the 05 only has 200 miles and the oil was changed after break in:thumbsup:btw the 06 wr doesn't have the alum frame.

Thanks for the help. I realize that the 06 doesn't have an aluminum frame, I was just trying to point out that I will probably only have this bike for a few years and then up grade to a newer better etc ride, and since 07 is the first year for the aluminum frame I want to give it a few model to work out all the kinks. Anyway I am definitely going for the 05, just need to haggle over the price.

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