HELP PLEASE - Whats that slapping sound?

Hi people I'm new here. Just got a 2001 WR426F and I'm loving it. Tons of power, and finally learned how to start it in one kick. One problem that may just be an annoyance, but I simply can't stand it:

When chugging low RPM in pretty much any gear, I get this crazy slapping sound, and I'm 99.9% sure its coming from the chain slapping against the swing-arm, or some variation of the chain slapping the chain guard, and then the chain guard slapping the swing-arm. In high RPM, it doesn't do it. It's driving me nuts. I looked at it and it seems like the chain has to curve up and over the front section of the swing-arm, and this just doesn't seem right. My dad has a XR400 and on his, there is a good centimeter gap between the chain and guard when in normal sitting position. Mine actually lays on the swing-arm when sitting normally.

I'm thinking a couple of things: First of all, is this normal for the WR?? Has my front sprocket been replaced with a much smaller one? Is my suspension just cranked way too high? Is this noise a sign that damage is going to happen? ANY input is really appreciated. Thanks.


It's chain slap and is very common and normal.

Do a search.

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